FTC Fiberglass (FRP / GRP) Water Tank : Keeping Water Clean

Keeping Water Clean is what FTC FRP / GRP water tank is designed to deliver:

FTC manufactures its GRP panels with the highest level of opacity in mind. High opacity means there is no light being transmitted into the tank. The results are then two-fold:

  • Firstly, chlorine, which is often used as a bactericidal agent, is prevented from evaporating from the water tank.
  • The growth of algae and other micro-organisms is closely related to light. Our opaque panels inhibit the growth of bacterial and algae growth. The latter holds true even if the tank is installed outdoors in direct sunlight.

Preventing bacteria and algae growth by eliminating light transmission is therefore one way of keeping water clean.

Keeping Water Clean

Furthermore, FTC uses hot press moulding in our manufacturing process. This method ensures that our resulting panel’s surface has a perfect mirror smooth finish. This prevents organic matter from adhering to the panels. Without the organic material which algae, bacteria and micro-organisms require to reproduce, the latter cannot grow.

FRP / GRP Panels help therefore prevent bacteria growth by their innovative design. A smooth surface is then another way used for keeping water clean.

Benefit 1: Keeping the Water Clean

The smooth interior surfaces of FTC panels as well as their opacity help ensure the preservation of clean water. Keeping water clean for human consumption in and of itself is not the only benefit. Clean water makes the tank’s routine cleaning requirements simple and less frequent than other water storage solutions.

Keeping water clean and offering a tank with easy maintenance are but a few of FTC FRP / GRP water tank’s many benefits.