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Hot pressed FRP panel type water tanks were first introduced in the early 1970′s and delivered substantial advantages over other types of tanks used at the time, proving them to be the ideal system for storing clean drinking water in all extremes of climate. The advantages include

Increased system durability and reliability
Corrosion resistance
Easier assembly
Eliminated need for panel maintenance
Easier tank maintenance
Reduced heat transfer to the water

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Managing the World’s Water Supply

Managing world water supply

It is an obvious fact, which nonetheless deserves emphasizing, that water is fundamental to our daily lives, whether it is for drinking, cooking, washing or cleaning, or for industrial and commercial requirements. As demand grows year after year, the management and conservation of supplies becomes ever more critical, while the highest standards of purity of the delivered products are insisted upon.

The FTC FRP Panel Type Water Tanks storage system has been designed and developed for the single purpose of meeting these demands, efficiently and flexibly, with uncompromising levels of quality and reliability. Specified to meet the most rigorous conditions, it has become the system of choice around the world for applications from individual homes to major building and industrial complexes.


The FTC FRP Panel Type Water Tanks system is supremely flexible. Small units, from 1m³ (260USG), serve as an integral element at the point of use in a piped delivery system. Larger units, even up to 10,000m³ (2,500,000USG), provide free-standing long term storage capacity.

Our tanks conserve water to the highest quality standards serving the needs of private residences, accommodation complexes, hospitals, hotels and offices, as well as industrial, municipal and irrigation projects where large-scale water storage is required.

Every unit is supplied to the same standard of design and specification, to the size and shape best suited for every need of the customer.

The assembly and installation of our FRP panel type water tanks is straightforward, and may be carried out by the user or his contractor, or where preferred, by appointed FTC suppliers.


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